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CalECPA signed into law; warrants required for electronic communications

Edit, Oct. 8, 2015: One month after it passed the Assembly, Gov. Jerry Brown has signed CalECPA into law. On September 8, the California Electronic Communications Privacy Act passed the California Assembly with strong bipartisan support (55–11). CalECPA passed the California Senate some time ago, so now it is headed to Gov. Brown’s desk for a […]


IP News

Want to file a DMCA takedown notice? Figure out fair use.

The Ninth Circuit released its decision in Lenz v. Universal this morning — the case about the baby dancing in his kitchen to Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy.” It’s a ruling that gives a lot of gifts all around. Fair use is an authorized use, not an affirmative defense The main takeaway is the court’s holding that […]

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The nuclear option: FCC reclassifies broadband under Title II

I can’t be impartial and unbiased on this one: we just won the internet. Four million Americans — and a few people from other countries who felt strongly enough about the matter to pitch in — wrote to the Federal Communications Commission, called their congressperson, spoke up online or in town hall forums, and made […]

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