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Syrian Electronic Army takes over MarkMonitor; dog catches car

On Wednesday, the well-known hacktivist group Syrian Electronic Army managed to get into MarkMonitor’s management portal. Once there, the group targeted Facebook: they used the management portal to alter Facebook’s WHOIS record, including Facebook’s registrant contacts, intending to hijack Facebook’s domain nameservers (as they had done earlier with both PayPal and eBay’s UK sites). However, the […]


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Copyright and mesh wireframes in virtual worlds

Being an IP attorney in a virtual world environment can be really interesting. Lately, questions have arisen about copyright and digital mesh wireframe works — a question that an appeals court considered just a few years ago, just in a different context. The different context has the potential to really make a difference, but before […]

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Federal Communications Commission

The nuclear option: FCC reclassifies broadband under Title II

I can’t be impartial and unbiased on this one: we just won the internet. Four million Americans — and a few people from other countries who felt strongly enough about the matter to pitch in — wrote to the Federal Communications Commission, called their congressperson, spoke up online or in town hall forums, and made […]

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